Sonya Marlene (@sonya_marlene) last month

Here is pictured my third great-grandfather, Peter R Epstein. He was born on October 28, 1849 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his father, Michael Epstein, was 34 and his mother, Catharina Margarita Pauli, was 30. He married Rebecca A Minster in 1873 (the lady in the picture who is my third great grandmother. She was a real beauty ). They had seven children in 21 years. Peter was a #Farmer and a #gardener for over 35 years. He was well known in St. Louis County for his produce he sold at the market for 35 years. He even had a muskmelon or cantaloupe named after him called the #EpsteinMelon , it was really delicious. He was also good at playing the #Accordion , along with his son Willis (who also played the #mandolin ). According to Raymond Folgert's letter, he came to live with Willis and his grandchildren while they were at the Schiller Place in 1916. Somehow he had been talked into a fishy deal by Gus Sweitzer, husband of his daughter Rebecka; who took control of the farm and eventually subdivided it and made a lot of money on the deal. After Peter came to live with them, he went to work at the same plant his son Willis worked at. While working there in 1922, he lost his left hand when another worker asked him to turn off a machine that didn't function correctly. They paid all his medical bills plus gave him another small amount of money. He had a lifetime job with them and fifty dollars a month when he retired. He died on June 22, 1931, at the age of 81. I couldn't be prouder of #MyAncestors I love #MyHeritage #AmericanHeritage #European #ILoveMyAncestors ❤️❤️❤️❤️