Trine Amazon (@trineamazon) 3 days ago

Going swimming in the public swimming pool with my kids. I know that people are intrigued by what they see and at times I try to put myself in positions where my eyes are covered, for example with a towel drying my hair, or closed, when I’m in the shower, to give people a chance to take a look undisturbed. I think of it as an education – I look very different indeed and there’s no reason why people shouldn’t want to look. One little girl approached me and asked “why have you taken off your breast?” I answered I had been ill, but by cutting it off I had become well again. Whilst I was heading for the showers she ran off and told her friends; they all came running to look at the spectacle, but alas, I was already gone. . Some part of me thinks it crazy that it isn’t more common to see this. I almost feel obliged to show it, to make people aware that it exists. I feel very proud of it, but I do realize that it isn’t always easy to keep that mindset. There are very strong forces pushing you towards feeling awkward and different. I realize how this choice can be very difficult if your not convinced yourself that this is a beautiful choice and even then it’s not straightforward. It’s easy to wobble in your beliefs. So how can this be a real choice for anyone that haven’t had the time to think it through or be presented to this choice beforehand. People that don’t have a ton of supportive friends and family? It’s not that I want everyone to not be reconstructed, but since potentially there is so much pain and many surgeries involved, I really would wish that there were more people that would be content without it. . To push in that direction I decided to contact the hospital ward that performed my surgery, to ask if they wanted an after picture of me without reconstruction. I had a before picture taken “if I changed my mind and got a reconstruction”. But I pointed out to them that I’d very much like to have seen an after picture without reconstruction before my surgery. Maybe this could be helpful to coming patients, to have the possibility to see what to expect when not reconstructing. Fingers crossed that they say yes.