ammar al-Bℯik (@ammar.albeik) September 2017

My friend #EyasAlmokdad #Dancer and #Filmmaker is performing this scene __________________ #OneToFree 🎧This is a new project, could be 15 minutes and could be 97 minutes, the #film length is subject to the decision of finalizing it, it will be the first film I make out of every published post, the #montage will be according to the posting sequence, I will choose some of your most suitable comments to be on the #images at the right moment, therefore you will be part of the film via your comments and names, as soon as all elements are gathered and the long film is #born , one of you will name it, it’s a mutual cine🎥matic #interactive project. Turn your device to the right so you can see the film 📲⤵️👁📽 __________________ At the centre of the artwork of via lewandowski stands a taxidermied horse. the horse has a biography and is surrounded by the aura of death and transience. its carnal nature is diametrically opposed to the spiritual-supratemporal principles franz marc sought in his art. thus the programmatic painting is transformed into a proverbial naturalistic sculpture – in the shape of a stuffed animal. @hausamwaldsee ______________ #سينمادمشق #CinemaDimashq #Cinema_Dimashq #CinemaDamascus #DamascusCinema