The REBORN ENTREPRENEUR (@shaunaclark_) October 2017

✨BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING TOMORROW✨ Putting the final touches on a special project I’ve been building the last couple months since I closed Naturoco… It is designed to set hundreds of families free from losing time with each other, and entrepreneurs of the stress of algorithms and the grind of making a small wage for the valuable time we contribute to society. P.S: This will be a pivotal point for many of my entrepreneurial friends on Insta that have the drive and talent but haven’t been compensated appropriately. And for even some of my more curious go-getter mama friends who are ready to switch things up and breakthrough financially, for those that want to chase dreams without sacrificing time with your babes. Ill drop a full post tomorrow on here tomorrow afternoon, so keep your eyes posted for more details. Its time to show you everything Ive been up to. . . . . . . #empoweredwomen #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #empowerment #affiliatemarketing #affiliate #affiliates #gopro #risingtide #risingtidesociety #momlife